Lego Gender Remixer

During the Lego gender remixer, I learned a lot on children’s ads. I never really thought about this because I grew up wanting to use the computer and let go of toys really fast. While observing the mashups, I observed how gender plays a huge role in these advertisements. Little boys are viewed as “macho men” who love to destroy things so sound effects and destruction is the center of every “boy” lego ad. These ads are based on weapons and violence because boys are viewed as more aggressive. While, girls are viewed as fragile and more passive so their Lego Friends ads are mostly on shopping, hanging with friends, and baking. These ads are embedded with stereotypical sets of social values on gender roles. These commercials made Legos that were essentially for everybody, into two separate categories. The Lego Friends that are aimed towards girls, wear skirts, have puppies, play dress-up, and hang out in a candy-colored cafe. Meanwhile, the boys’ Lego characters are fighting space battles, capturing dinosaurs, and sailing pirate ships. The division of these toys furthermore prove how society considers this to be the social norm when in reality toys have no gender and can be played by anyone. These stereotypes are the reason why websites like these are made. They are here to educate us on how society should not tell us how to live our lives.


Old Communication, New Literacies.

Social media encourages online learning. News can be tweeted, images are created, posted, and ready to be discussed. However, social media seems “bad” because of the amount of time young people spend on it. Adults who are opposed to online learning need to recognize that times have changed and developed for a better future for students. Nevertheless, online learning is harder to teach among low-income communities because it is difficult to provide computers for the school or students may not have one that is easily at their reach. In this observation, they want to learn how young people (between 17-19) view and think of social media and online learning. Social media is able to provide fast interactions and sharing with anyone around the world, which encourages learning even if it is on facebook or twitter. Some believe that social media can make communication more friendly than actual face to face conversations. I believe this is correct because if I am in a bad or gloomy mood, the person behind the screen is unable to detect it unless they find a difference in the way I am typing. Online you are able to make connection with all kinds of people based on whatever topic you desire. Low-income families value the use of online learning because their ideas and thoughts are not beneath others based on their income. Everything is constantly changing, especially the internet. It is a huge community with never ending change.

Easter Killing Spree

In Cleveland, Ohio a man claimed to have shot 15 people and says will continue until he is caught. He even recorded it on Facebook live. This is not only cruel but upsetting to the families of the deceased. It is awful to think that innocent people have been murdered on a day like Easter, where most families are enjoying spending time together. Families are being torn apart due to the news of their loved ones being murdered for absolutely no reason. I don’t understand how a person is capable of murdering people and not getting caught immediately. This man is 6’1, 224 pounds, with a full beard, pictures have been released to help shorten the search. Police have advised to not approach this man but to call 911 immediately because he is considered armed and dangerous. Although, his facebook was closed shortly after the “live video,” there are still copies online of this murder. Currently, there has been no sighting of this sick individual since the Facebook Live video occurred. The man in this video was 74 years old and was shot to death. I do not agree with the city not being on lockdown. It is very dangerous to be outside while there is a murdered on the loose who claims that his job is not done.

Lady Gaga – Equality

Lady Gaga is an inspiration to most people because of the messages throughout her songs, lyrics, and personality. She is specifically trying to advocate gender equality and gay rights through social activism. People have noticed her messages and came to the conclusion that society makes it socially acceptable for men to walk outside without a shirt on but women cannot. Women must not only cover up but they must wear bras while men can freely take off their shirts without any stares or confusion. Lady Gaga sends the message that if men can do it, so can we. Women should be able to have the same equality and freedom as men. However, because women have breast, society named it unacceptable to walk around without a shirt on. She reveals her body to the public because it is her choice, and she is allowed to have this freedom, even if society says otherwise. This sends a powerful message to her “little monsters” because it shows that they can express themselves and should not let society decide how they should dress or act. By using social networks, Gaga enables her material to transcend real world barriers. She was able to create a safe space for people to express their identity and gender without being discouraged or receiving hatred. Gaga makes sure to ban all hate comments on her site to ensure the safety of her “little monsters.” She is able to use social activism to express gender equality and gay rights.

The disappearance of the Beaumont children

The disappearance of the Beaumont children is one the biggest unsolved mysteries in Australia. The children, Jane, Anna, and Grant went to the beach on Australia day without their parents. Their house was a 5 minute bus ride so they took a 10am bus and did not return back on the 2pm bus. Their mother Nancy, noticed that they weren’t home by the time the second bus came later that day so she called her husband and went looking for the children. The next day, the children were officially declared missing and were never found. A piece of evidence towards this case is that the children bought meat pies from a local shop that they knew. However, their mother Nancy only gave the children enough for the bus trips and lunch but did not give them the one euro note that they used to pay for the meat pies. This lead police to believe that a stranger gave these children the one euro note to earn their trust. Several witnesses also stated that they saw the children with a tall blonde man but did not question it because the children seemed to be comfortable with that person. Other witnesses saw a man lying at the beach, watching the children play and then started playing with them, a few minutes after observing. Although, there were witnesses for this case, these children and their belonging were never found. To this day, they have not found a single piece of clothing or actual evidence from the day of their disappearance.

Creativity is a remix

Creativity is a remix because we build off the ideas of others, even if it’s unintentional. This is because it is difficult to create something new. Somehow, someway, it will be compared to the works of others who have created something similar. It is even harder to create music when all these different kinds of tunes and melodies have already been created. It might sound different to you but to another person, it might sound like a song that has already been created. For this reason, I believe that lyrics are important in songs. It can tell a story and make the song sound different from past music and lyrics. The apple company example in this Ted talk, demonstrates how creativity can be remixed. Although, Steve Jobs created multitouch, other smart phones have this function and continue to build off the work that he has created. Building off someone’s work does not make a person any less creative. It actually makes them even more creative for taking an extra step in publishing something different, better, or advanced. This is not considered to be stealing someone’s creativity, it is making it better in our own way. “Our creativity comes from without and not from within.” – Kirby Ferguson.

JonBenet Ramsey

The unsolved murder of JonBenet Ramsey has become popular lately, due to Youtube and Netflix. Jonbenet was a six year old pageant girl who was murdered in 1996. Her cause of death was considered asphyxiation by strangulation and craniocerebral trauma. The night of Christmas, the Ramsey family went to a Christmas party at their friend’s house. They went home at around 10pm but at this point Jonbenet fell asleep in the car so her parents carried her to bed. Her mother Patsy woke up around 5am to a ransom letter that said their daughter was kidnapped. The strange thing about this letter is that it was 2 and a half pages long. Why would someone take the time to write such a long letter while being in someone else’s house. It couldn’t have been written before they entered the house because they used Patsy’s notebook and pen. Patsy quickly called 911 to report her daughter missing. She sounded scared and desperate like any mother would. The only thing that seemed off were the last couple seconds of the 911 call. After Jonbenet was reported missing, Patsy forgot to hang up the phone. She told the police that her husband was asleep at the time but in the distance, they heard multiple voices. With enhancing technology, people have recognized three different voices that could have been the mom, dad, and brother. The Ramseys were quick to invite their friends and family over to tell them about their tragedy. The father, Jon decided to look in the basement for his daughter. He found her murdered body on the floor and brought her upstairs which contaminated the case. It seems strange that the mother would lie about her husband being asleep, finding a 2 and half page ransom note, and not looking all over the house when finding the ransom note. It has been 21 years and no one has been convicted of her murder.

Multimodality, Representation and New Media

It is important to evaluate writing because it can send across false information if written wrong or differently. Semiotics play a big role in our everyday lives. For example, restaurante signs can be made a certain way to intrigue people into coming in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The use of lettering, wording, and even the color of the restaurant’s logo sign can make a person choose a place like Mcdonalds over a small diner that has a dull sign that is not lit up. These signs created are intended to persuade those who pass by it. We must begin to understand the different affordances of writing and image. When rewriting thing, you must keep in mind that it can alter its meaning. It can take a realistic meaning become a supernatural meaning if the wording is placed differently. Writing and image can show different meanings because words seem to be more vague and lack meaning while, images are “full” and can show meaning. Semiotics plays a role in reading literature. It is our imagination as we read through a novel, giving it a significant meaning. The only thing left to discover is finding out which way sending across a meaning is more effective, whether it be through writing or images.


Today I went to a courthouse for personal reasons. It wasn’t for anything I did or anything bad. It was simply to try and find justice for what was done to my family. After 5 minutes, they went into a two hour recess, which was extremely irritating. After the two hours were up, I realize that we were waiting for a field trip of middle schoolers to arrive and observe the courthouse. Not only was it weird but it didn’t make sense to me. Why let children be so close to criminals? I understand that there are cops near but cops cannot control what comes out of the mouth of people. It seems strange to even plan a trip to a courthouse. The school should have arranged a judge to come to the school for a Q&A because that was really all they did. For half an hour I had to deal with kids asking questions that they already knew the answer too. I am not trying to be mean but obviously a judge cannot take a case if they know the person, whether it be a friend or family. The questions they asked seemed like they just wanted to waste time.