Old Communication, New Literacies.

Social media encourages online learning. News can be tweeted, images are created, posted, and ready to be discussed. However, social media seems “bad” because of the amount of time young people spend on it. Adults who are opposed to online learning need to recognize that times have changed and developed for a better future for students. Nevertheless, online learning is harder to teach among low-income communities because it is difficult to provide computers for the school or students may not have one that is easily at their reach. In this observation, they want to learn how young people (between 17-19) view and think of social media and online learning. Social media is able to provide fast interactions and sharing with anyone around the world, which encourages learning even if it is on facebook or twitter. Some believe that social media can make communication more friendly than actual face to face conversations. I believe this is correct because if I am in a bad or gloomy mood, the person behind the screen is unable to detect it unless they find a difference in the way I am typing. Online you are able to make connection with all kinds of people based on whatever topic you desire. Low-income families value the use of online learning because their ideas and thoughts are not beneath others based on their income. Everything is constantly changing, especially the internet. It is a huge community with never ending change.


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