Lego Gender Remixer

During the Lego gender remixer, I learned a lot on children’s ads. I never really thought about this because I grew up wanting to use the computer and let go of toys really fast. While observing the mashups, I observed how gender plays a huge role in these advertisements. Little boys are viewed as “macho men” who love to destroy things so sound effects and destruction is the center of every “boy” lego ad. These ads are based on weapons and violence because boys are viewed as more aggressive. While, girls are viewed as fragile and more passive so their Lego Friends ads are mostly on shopping, hanging with friends, and baking. These ads are embedded with stereotypical sets of social values on gender roles. These commercials made Legos that were essentially for everybody, into two separate categories. The Lego Friends that are aimed towards girls, wear skirts, have puppies, play dress-up, and hang out in a candy-colored cafe. Meanwhile, the boys’ Lego characters are fighting space battles, capturing dinosaurs, and sailing pirate ships. The division of these toys furthermore prove how society considers this to be the social norm when in reality toys have no gender and can be played by anyone. These stereotypes are the reason why websites like these are made. They are here to educate us on how society should not tell us how to live our lives.


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