Easter Killing Spree

In Cleveland, Ohio a man claimed to have shot 15 people and says will continue until he is caught. He even recorded it on Facebook live. This is not only cruel but upsetting to the families of the deceased. It is awful to think that innocent people have been murdered on a day like Easter, where most families are enjoying spending time together. Families are being torn apart due to the news of their loved ones being murdered for absolutely no reason. I don’t understand how a person is capable of murdering people and not getting caught immediately. This man is 6’1, 224 pounds, with a full beard, pictures have been released to help shorten the search. Police have advised to not approach this man but to call 911 immediately because he is considered armed and dangerous. Although, his facebook was closed shortly after the “live video,” there are still copies online of this murder. Currently, there has been no sighting of this sick individual since the Facebook Live video occurred. The man in this video was 74 years old and was shot to death. I do not agree with the city not being on lockdown. It is very dangerous to be outside while there is a murdered on the loose who claims that his job is not done.


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