Lady Gaga – Equality

Lady Gaga is an inspiration to most people because of the messages throughout her songs, lyrics, and personality. She is specifically trying to advocate gender equality and gay rights through social activism. People have noticed her messages and came to the conclusion that society makes it socially acceptable for men to walk outside without a shirt on but women cannot. Women must not only cover up but they must wear bras while men can freely take off their shirts without any stares or confusion. Lady Gaga sends the message that if men can do it, so can we. Women should be able to have the same equality and freedom as men. However, because women have breast, society named it unacceptable to walk around without a shirt on. She reveals her body to the public because it is her choice, and she is allowed to have this freedom, even if society says otherwise. This sends a powerful message to her “little monsters” because it shows that they can express themselves and should not let society decide how they should dress or act. By using social networks, Gaga enables her material to transcend real world barriers. She was able to create a safe space for people to express their identity and gender without being discouraged or receiving hatred. Gaga makes sure to ban all hate comments on her site to ensure the safety of her “little monsters.” She is able to use social activism to express gender equality and gay rights.


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