The disappearance of the Beaumont children

The disappearance of the Beaumont children is one the biggest unsolved mysteries in Australia. The children, Jane, Anna, and Grant went to the beach on Australia day without their parents. Their house was a 5 minute bus ride so they took a 10am bus and did not return back on the 2pm bus. Their mother Nancy, noticed that they weren’t home by the time the second bus came later that day so she called her husband and went looking for the children. The next day, the children were officially declared missing and were never found. A piece of evidence towards this case is that the children bought meat pies from a local shop that they knew. However, their mother Nancy only gave the children enough for the bus trips and lunch but did not give them the one euro note that they used to pay for the meat pies. This lead police to believe that a stranger gave these children the one euro note to earn their trust. Several witnesses also stated that they saw the children with a tall blonde man but did not question it because the children seemed to be comfortable with that person. Other witnesses saw a man lying at the beach, watching the children play and then started playing with them, a few minutes after observing. Although, there were witnesses for this case, these children and their belonging were never found. To this day, they have not found a single piece of clothing or actual evidence from the day of their disappearance.


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