Creativity is a remix

Creativity is a remix because we build off the ideas of others, even if it’s unintentional. This is because it is difficult to create something new. Somehow, someway, it will be compared to the works of others who have created something similar. It is even harder to create music when all these different kinds of tunes and melodies have already been created. It might sound different to you but to another person, it might sound like a song that has already been created. For this reason, I believe that lyrics are important in songs. It can tell a story and make the song sound different from past music and lyrics. The apple company example in this Ted talk, demonstrates how creativity can be remixed. Although, Steve Jobs created multitouch, other smart phones have this function and continue to build off the work that he has created. Building off someone’s work does not make a person any less creative. It actually makes them even more creative for taking an extra step in publishing something different, better, or advanced. This is not considered to be stealing someone’s creativity, it is making it better in our own way. “Our creativity comes from without and not from within.” – Kirby Ferguson.


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