JonBenet Ramsey

The unsolved murder of JonBenet Ramsey has become popular lately, due to Youtube and Netflix. Jonbenet was a six year old pageant girl who was murdered in 1996. Her cause of death was considered asphyxiation by strangulation and craniocerebral trauma. The night of Christmas, the Ramsey family went to a Christmas party at their friend’s house. They went home at around 10pm but at this point Jonbenet fell asleep in the car so her parents carried her to bed. Her mother Patsy woke up around 5am to a ransom letter that said their daughter was kidnapped. The strange thing about this letter is that it was 2 and a half pages long. Why would someone take the time to write such a long letter while being in someone else’s house. It couldn’t have been written before they entered the house because they used Patsy’s notebook and pen. Patsy quickly called 911 to report her daughter missing. She sounded scared and desperate like any mother would. The only thing that seemed off were the last couple seconds of the 911 call. After Jonbenet was reported missing, Patsy forgot to hang up the phone. She told the police that her husband was asleep at the time but in the distance, they heard multiple voices. With enhancing technology, people have recognized three different voices that could have been the mom, dad, and brother. The Ramseys were quick to invite their friends and family over to tell them about their tragedy. The father, Jon decided to look in the basement for his daughter. He found her murdered body on the floor and brought her upstairs which contaminated the case. It seems strange that the mother would lie about her husband being asleep, finding a 2 and half page ransom note, and not looking all over the house when finding the ransom note. It has been 21 years and no one has been convicted of her murder.


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