Multimodality, Representation and New Media

It is important to evaluate writing because it can send across false information if written wrong or differently. Semiotics play a big role in our everyday lives. For example, restaurante signs can be made a certain way to intrigue people into coming in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The use of lettering, wording, and even the color of the restaurant’s logo sign can make a person choose a place like Mcdonalds over a small diner that has a dull sign that is not lit up. These signs created are intended to persuade those who pass by it. We must begin to understand the different affordances of writing and image. When rewriting thing, you must keep in mind that it can alter its meaning. It can take a realistic meaning become a supernatural meaning if the wording is placed differently. Writing and image can show different meanings because words seem to be more vague and lack meaning while, images are “full” and can show meaning. Semiotics plays a role in reading literature. It is our imagination as we read through a novel, giving it a significant meaning. The only thing left to discover is finding out which way sending across a meaning is more effective, whether it be through writing or images.


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