Today I went to a courthouse for personal reasons. It wasn’t for anything I did or anything bad. It was simply to try and find justice for what was done to my family. After 5 minutes, they went into a two hour recess, which was extremely irritating. After the two hours were up, I realize that we were waiting for a field trip of middle schoolers to arrive and observe the courthouse. Not only was it weird but it didn’t make sense to me. Why let children be so close to criminals? I understand that there are cops near but cops cannot control what comes out of the mouth of people. It seems strange to even plan a trip to a courthouse. The school should have arranged a judge to come to the school for a Q&A because that was really all they did. For half an hour I had to deal with kids asking questions that they already knew the answer too. I am not trying to be mean but obviously a judge cannot take a case if they know the person, whether it be a friend or family. The questions they asked seemed like they just wanted to waste time.


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