Reading Comprehension Skills

While observing weak reading comprehension skills, I noticed that the weaker the reader, the more likely they are to click on the first link they find based on their subject. Weaker readers are also more likely to search up more irrational things. A stronger reader knows when research sounds rational. They use their skills to research their topic but they do not click on the first link that shows up. They able to use their knowledge to find a website that is reliable and accurate. By having high reading comprehension skills, it is easier to find a website that is credible enough to be used. I viewed that the stronger the reader, the more likely they are to break down their source and find an author, date, and the credibility of the site. However, in the video, the stronger reader discovered that the article they were on was not credible enough to use because the author was not an expert, just a dog lover like any average person. When responding to their task, the stronger reader was able to use their information to explain why Chihuahuas do not cure asthma. Nonetheless, they often worsen asthma. With the new information found, the stronger reader made sure to cite their sources to explain where they gathered their information. When the weaker reader responded to their task, they simply copy and pasted their answer which is considered plagiarism. It is not credible and they did not cite their source. Instead of answering a simple question with an explanation, they took the easy way out and used all the information on a discreabible website. When asked who the source of a website was, the weaker reader believe the author was credible because they copyrighted the website and had an additional space for comments. The weaker reader also believed that the information on a website was correct because it was most recent. The weaker reader needs to learn more useful skills on using the correct reading comprehension skills.


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