Get Out!

Last week I saw the movie “Get Out” and I highly recommend watching it. Although, it was fiction, it did send a very important message, along with hidden messages throughout the film. In the beginning, when Chris and Rose get into a car accident, they call the cops. Rose automatically gets offended when the police officer wants to see Chris’ drivers license even though he was not driving. It makes viewers feel like Rose is standing up for Chris and racism in America. In reality, she did not want the police officer to run his license because then they would know where Chris has disappeared too. When they finally reach Rose’s parent’s house, they inform her parents on the accident. Her father Dean, tells Chris on how he hates deer, “black buck,” and feels like they are overpopulating the world. A black buck was a racial slur for black men who refused to bow down to white authority. Dean feels the need to show Chris a tour of the house after this scene. They reach pictures of Dean’s father who lost the 1936 Berlin Olympics to Jesse Owens. He never got over losing to a person of color, which is how they decided they wanted to kidnap and change people of color for their own benefits. On a Buzzfeed article, they believe “the sunken place” that they send people of color too after they are hypnotized, can be seen as a metaphor for the paralysis people of color feel in racial America. This family is so corrupted that they believe they can use people of color for their own benefit. They believe they aren’t killing them so therefore, they are not doing anything wrong. This is exactly what this movie is about. People believe that it is okay to say racial slurs because they aren’t physically hurting them.


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