Construction and/or Creation of Online Content

Online reading is an important factor to include in our educational curriculum. Educators should take time to evaluate the benefits of online reading comprehension for their students. Students can develop comprehension skills and understand the structure of the world. Online content can make learning more enjoyable for students and help them focus better. We live in a world where students are able to navigate the internet easier than most adults. Students are so fascinated by the internet. It doesn’t come as a surprise that online reading comprehension should be established in our education systems. Educators should encourage online creating and constructing. By creating online, students will learn how to produce and publish. They can develop useful skills for the future that can broaden their education. It is even more important to teach students how to construct online. Online construction takes your creativity and uses it to build with persistence, flexibility, and revision. Instead of taking away creativity like most schools do, it can be encouraged to be used. The lack of creativity in today’s students has been put down by teachers and professors. In school, we are taught facts and not how to question and evaluate the information in front of us. Online comprehension can also teach students how to use their resources around them. Instead of always asking a teacher for help, they can learn to collaborate with other students for a better result. Online comprehension helps students stay focused, enables their creativity, and let students work together to find solutions.


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