Small Differences Matter

It is truly shocking to believe that only 2% of our genetic code separates us from Chimpanzees. The two percent difference is what allows humans to take online texts and reshape the future for learning purposes. Based on classroom observations, three critical shifts are found: strategic text assembly, socially complex texts, and multi-modal design. Strategic text assembly allows people to have navigation strategies and comprehension monitoring strategies in their reading. Those who were able to use their navigation and monitoring strategies had better results. When looking for socially complex text, you must put emphasis on sourcing skills and analytics. Sourcing skills are important in figuring out if your source is bias or credible enough to use. Analytic’s assess how an idea is processed and this should be encouraged in student learning. Multi-modal design is essential in sending your message across to readers. It should have a theme which demonstrates how your writing could be bias, informative, or facts. These skills are important in not only separating us from Chimpanzees but on showing how humans have the ability to reshape future learning for students. By incorporating these skills in lesson plans and even outside of class, students will become better at using strategic text assembly, socially complex texts, and multi-modal design. This 2% difference allows us to use our learning abilities to the fullest.


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