Cash Me Outside

The “Cash Me Outside” girl, Danielle Bregoli, has become famous for the wrong reasons. She was on the Dr. Phil show for fighting, stealing, and being rude to her mother. Danielle is becoming a meme and being praised by girls all over social media. She has become something to laugh at but is this a good thing? Clearly, the answer is no. A teenager who has had a history of stealing, fighting, and not respecting their parents, is not something to laugh at or look up too. She should not be getting fame and fortune for her misbehavior. The part that makes it worse is that her mother is letting her do all of this. If I had a child and it was a complete brat, I would not let her enjoy fame and I would certainly not let anyone consider her a meme. This all ties together in how teenagers are quick learners when it comes to the internet. Danielle saw a chance at social media fame and took it. This does not mean she should be going around talking badly about people she hasn’t even met. Her behavior should not be awarded with music videos, money, and fame. She is a teenager who hasn’t had discipline and has had everything given to her. Of course, her mother doesn’t do anything because she loves the extra money that she is receiving. Danielle should not be something we laugh at. She should be an example of how not to behave. The more we share her memes, watch her music videos, and listen to her Snapchats, the more fame she will achieve. There is so much talent in the world and she shouldn’t be at the top of the list for being a brat!


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