Twitter Chat

While exploring Twitter’s hashtags, I came across the”#edchat.” I found a lot of encouraging tweets with pictures attached. This hashtag was filled with teachers expressing their opinions and beliefs on education. I was surprised to see a post that said “FAIL = First Attempt In Learning” by Alex Corbitt. In my opinion, this is exactly the comforting phrase to tell a person who has attempted to learn but unfortunately has not fully understood the class or course. Even getting a lower grade than expected can discourage a student and make them feel as if they have failed. Teachers should not make students feel as if they’ve failed. They should encourage education and growth in students and never put them down because that will follow them throughout their life. In this hashtag, there are a ton of encouraging people who value education. They understand how difficult it can be for some people but they do believe that they should continue to achieve their goal. Teachers in this Twitter hashtag express the importance of collaboration and growth in education. They believe that there are always improvements to be made in our educational system because of how much the world is changing everyday. They value the importance of communication with students and staff in order to enhance education. Different learning trends were also a big topic in this hashtag because adolescents are advancing with technology everyday. When you apply methods that students enjoy into learning like using the internet, they will enjoy school more and find even more information that probably wouldn’t be found in a book that was created centuries ago. There are many methods of learning and techniques that can be found in encouraging students in the hashtag “edchat” on Twitter.


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