How New Digital Media and the Internet are Fueling an Innovative Surge in Communication, Creativity and Collaboration.

Communication is changing every day. The goal of this video was to introduce an extended communication for the future. Digital tools are now able to let one person take on the task of creating, designing and promoting content online. We are in control of our own publications. In the video, Elyse Eidman-Aadahl states that we should link computers to collaborate and build knowledge. We can achieve this by sharing and learning from anyone on the internet. Publishing online has become faster and innovative for most people, but it has not made writing any easier. When writing, you must represent something significant that stands out and makes your writing special. It is still very difficult to come up with good content. Making publications easier does not equal quality work. We become publishers when we upload a video to YouTube or create a blog post on Tumblr. However, we should acknowledge the fact that we are responsible for the content that we put out on the internet.

Forms of communication is rapidly changing. With all of the changes we have encountered, we should strive to becoming better with a purpose. By building our knowledge together, we are transforming the world by the use of the internet. These advancements have made it easier to communicate and express our thoughts and ideas to the world.


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