Deception. – Grey’s Edition

While watching season 11 of Grey’s Anatomy, I noticed a pattern. Almost every couple on this TV show, cheats! They could be happily married but find the slightest reason to deceive their partner. It is done so many times throughout this show, that is seems like a societal norm. I believe this is sending viewers the wrong message. Instead of communicating and working out problems, the characters in this show jump right into bed with the next person they see. To me, this sends the message that cheating happens to everyone and that should not be the case. Cheating should not be seen as something normal that happens in a relationship. If you even feel the need to see other people, it should be stated to the significant other before the deed is done. Although, I do love Grey’s Anatomy and the show has to be dramatic, it just makes me upset to see all of these failed marriages. Even the main characters can’t seem to work out in the end. Maybe the show has gone too long and it needs to be spiced up. Whatever the reason, cheating just seems like a ridiculous way to get viewers interested, especially after it is done over five times. For a hospital show, there are so many other dramatic scene that could be portrayed. Instead, almost every single couple ended up cheated, divorced, or widowed.


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