Confidence and makeup

Men seem to have assumptions about women. They think our hair, skin, and nails are naturally perfect. In reality, most girls do their hair, get manicures, and wear makeup to feel comfortable. However, this is not done for anyone but themselves. Women and men like to enhance their beauty in their own way. This may include wearing dramatic winged eyeliner, having bright hair, or getting long stiletto nails. None of this is done for men. Women do these things to feel confident. They enjoy doing this everyday or every once in a while. What women do not enjoy are the negative comments that are said by men. They automatically think it has to do with insecurities or trying to impress a man. When you go on social media and see a talented girl with makeup, you can see the confidence in their post. You can see that they don’t care what guys have to say about their looks because it really has nothing to do with them. If men took the time to realize that makeup isn’t just to cover up imperfections but a way to express ourselves, then they wouldn’t be so judgmental. When surveyed on a Cosmos magazine, 85% of men picked the girl who was wearing a full face of makeup. So do men really not like makeup and if they aren’t wearing it, why does it matter?


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