Why do youth share so publicly?

Teenagers feel like they don’t have enough privacy when it comes to the internet and social medias. Parents are constantly trying to monitor their children when they are online. They are trying to prevent their children from posting inappropriate things for the whole world to see. When it comes to social media, nothing is private. Whatever you post can and will catch up to you, someday. Teenagers want to find the balance of using social media and having privacy. Some can achieve privacy by being cautious of what they share online. This can prevent arguments and misunderstandings with friends and family. Some teenagers feel the need to make “inside jokes” or codes to prevent adults from understanding their conversations. Although, parents are just trying to look out for their children, they can be overdoing it. Parents who constantly check their children’s internet history, phone, and bedrooms are proving that they do not trust them. You should be able to trust that your child isn’t getting themselves into trouble when they’re online, on their phone, or in their bedrooms. Checking up on them every once in a while is necessary but doing this everyday makes it hard for teens build a relationship with a parent. When parents choose to lurk, teens quickly view this as a sign of mistrust. It is easier to check up on social medias every once in a while than have teens hide their social medias from adults. However, teenagers are still going to try and achieve privacy in any way, shape, or form.


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