Why do teens seem so strange online?

Teenagers revolve their lives around technology and social media. They want to be able to post, tweet, and look at anything they want without their parents, family, and friends shutting them down. However, not everyone online is who they seem to be. Some teenagers post things just to fit in with classmates or go with the new trend. Others use the internet as a way to create an avatar and play a game as a completely different person. Whatever the reason may be, adolescences rely on social media on the daily. Some teenagers see the internet as away to be a different person. They come up with ridiculously information with fictitious names to throw-off parents, “creeps,” and anyone else they don’t want lurking around. This makes them feel open to posting what they want because their parents have no idea what they’re doing. Posting on the internet is permanent even if it is deleted. Most teens don’t understand this. The actions they make at this stage of their life will follow them throughout their adulthood. You must be aware of the things you are posting at all times. If a potential college, boss, or parent were to search your name up, would they like what they see? In some cases, people post inappropriate things to fit in with their friends or because it is an “inside joke.” When adults look at this they think of the literal meaning. When it comes to online posts it is hard to tell if someone is crying out for help or just trying to get attention. Teens often want privacy from their parents and teachers on social media. However, parents are allowed to look at their posts because they are the public audience. When Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are not on private, anyone and everyone could see, like, and comment. Teens want to be able to post what they want publicly without their parents hovering over them. They want their parents to give them trust. Nevertheless, some parents are overprotective of their children and refuse to let them post nonsense online. Teens get monitored by their parents for their own safety. They may not view it this way but it is in their best interest to be monitored. This doesn’t mean that parent will be over your shoulder 24/7 but it does mean that they will check up on social medias every once in a while. It is complicated to come up with a way for teenagers to have privacy when their parents are just trying to keep them safe.


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