Teenagers use social media as a way to innocently communicate with friends after school. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people on the internet that are not who they say they are. This is the exact reason why the MTV show “Catfish” was made. Most people do not know who is behind the screen. They can be duped into thinking that the person they’re talking to is the person on the profile picture. Teenagers can be easily tricked into creating an immense bond with a person they don’t even know. This can be heartbreaking and dangerous. Catfishes use excuses whenever they’re asked for pictures, phone calls, and video chatting. This should be an automatic red flag. However, at this point people become too invested in the catfish to even think that they might not be real. This is extremely dangerous. A 16-year old girl will believe she is talking to a quarterback high school student from a few towns over, but she could surely be wrong. Catfishes sweet talk you into believing they are the person they are pretending to be. When they realize that you are completely duped, they will ask to meet up. This could be extremely dangerous because this high school football player can easily be a 49-year old man looking to lurk young girls in. The person they claim to be isn’t always true. It is completely understandable why parents are overprotective when it comes to the internet. They want to be able to protect their children from experiencing a catfish, giving out private information and pictures to strangers. Online, people can exploit your private information and pictures because it is now in their possession. This can easily make a teenager extremely vulnerable and be too ashamed to seek help from an adult. Parents should be able to monitor their children just as a precaution from catfishes.


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